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by garyg 23. March 2011 10:40

Just completed the Professional Scrum Master training with Ken Schwaber at  I’d been practicing Scrum for some time so I wasn’t sure how much net gain I get, but definitely glad I made time for this.  What a course!  Great content and very engaging training from one of the industries legends.  If you have the chance I would highly recommend it for any Scrum practicing PM, Development Manager or anyone looking to gain a deeper understanding of Scrum and how to apply it properly.  Most valuable for me (since I’m serving as the Scrum Master on a few teams) was the real world tactical advice and “how to” practice points from Ken directly.  The hands-on exercises were both entertaining and enlightening with the wide variety of companies represented.


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Gary Gauvin is a 20+ year Information Technologies industry leader, currently working as the Director of Application Lifecycle Management for CD-Adapco, a leading developer of CFD/CAE solutions. Working in both enterprise environments and small businesses, Gary enjoys bringing ROI to the organizations he works with through strategic management and getting hands-on wherever practical. Among other qualifications, Gary holds a Bachelor of Science in Information Technologies, an MBA, a PMP (Project Management Professional) certification, and PSM (Professional Scrum Master) certification.  Gary has also been recognized as a Microsoft Most Valuable Professional.

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