Moving TFS 2008 to a different domain

by garyg 17. December 2011 12:02

Recently I addressed a question in a forum where a user wanted to move his TFS 2008 server out of its current domain.  In TFS 2010 this is fairly straightforward using the TFS Administration Console, but back in TF 2008 this took a little more work.  Here it is at a high level:

There are numerous prep steps moving a server from one domain to another but I'm assuming you'd have these covered already in the systems migration planning.  Theese are the TFS highlights:

  1. Back up your server. Take a thorough inventory of your TFS security settings and determine if you referenced any domain groups. You can set these to a local group for now and move them into a domain group later.
  2. Record the login credential settings of all TFS services and Application Pools. These may or may not be set to Domain group, if they are you will need to go back in after the Domain migration. Depending on how your tiers are set up this may involve checking a few servers as well.
  3. Shut down all TFS services and Application Pools and Web sites to avoid any user issues during your migration. You'll need to put the services on manual or disabled to avoid them trying to restart during the migration since a reboot will be needed to complete the domain migration.
  4. Execute your domain migration as planned.
  5. Change the identity of everything you noted with domain specific identity in step 1 to an identity in the new domain. Set all the services back to their original startup settings, and app pools & web sites back to their original states.
  6. Restart the server and check TFS access.



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